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Well, THAT Didn’t Take Long…

Synchronicity and coincidence are a wonderful thing. Since posting late Friday night, I have been involved in two exchanges on Facebook – One, on another person’s page, was a civil discourse about everyone’s right to believe what they want, and how the some parts of the Atheism community have become just as fundamentalist about their […]


Plato vs. Aristotle – Round 1

The other day I was wandering through Chapters in the “bargain” section, and noticed that a ton of new “classics” have been added. I assume that, with school just around the corner, there will be a growing demand for Plato and Aristotle and Nietzche and Mary Shelly – hence the additions. I was contemplating picking […]


First Time Here?

Thinking Christian? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Ha ha. Very funny. Thinking and Christian in the same sentence. I know what you’re thinking – “You ever seen FOX News? Ever read Sam Harris?” OK – fair enough. So we should explain what we mean by “Thinking Christian”. Here’s a primer on why we’ve built this site, […]