Prayers of the People for Lent 3 in Year C

Loving and merciful God,

We have come together in this set-apart hour, to spend time with you, and time with each other in holy contemplation, that we might be fed and filled with your holy spirit for the week to come.

We know that you call us to eat the food that is good and drink the water that is satisfying. We know that there are people in the world who are hungering and thirsting and ask that you supply their needs. We know that you call us to be fruitful in the world and ask for your strength and grace to feed the hungry that we see and offer water to those who thirst.

We turn to you, as the great gardener, for wisdom and guidance – stir up the soil around those whose roots have become tangled and can’t stretch out to reach the nutrients that are so close by. Prune and trim those who have become overburdened and can’t stretch up to sun’s rays to be refreshed and renewed with light and energy. Fertilize and feed those who are spindly and find themselves without nourishment. Harvest the fruit from those who are ripe and ready to give back nourishment to others.

We confess that in this world of plenty we are confused by the number of your children who are wanting. How can we possibly name before you all those who may be wounded in body and spirit? Perhaps we are one of the walking wounded.

We can only pray for your grace to enter the world through as many cracks and crevices as it may find. We ask that you open us up to receive and share your grace with those we meet this week. We ask for only what we need to do the good in the world that is ours to do. And so, for a week, or a month, or a moment, or as much time as we can, we give ourselves and our trust in you to care for us and your world.


(Prayers of the People, Year C, Lent 3, Isaiah 55:1-9, Luke 13:1-9)


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