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Bible Boot Camp – Finally Finished!

I’m done! There were times during this process when I wasn’t sure I could make it. (That Proverbs is a killer, for sure.) But I did make it and I even finished early. I finished up the last of the epistles and Revelation last night, knowing that our after-work plans tonight would not allow for […]


Bible Boot Camp – Week 6

  True confession. I was so far behind on Bible Boot Camp that I had to stay home from church to catch up. Well, that and the stupid sinus infection. I curled up on the couch with my Bible and my box of tissues at 8am on Sunday and didn’t get up until 12:30. It […]


Bible Boot Camp – Week 5

So here sits my Bible. On my nightstand. Next to the humidifier. I think you can guess where this is going. I’m behind. Behinder than I’ve been so far. And it’s not the Bible this time. It’s life. I had to write a sermon and preach two services on Sunday. I had an incredibly busy […]


Bible Boot Camp week 4

I’m behind. So behind. I’m somewhere deep in Isaiah and I should have left him and his woe in the dust while I continued my journey with Jeremiah. I just couldn’t do it for much of last week. I got mired in Proverbs. And I just couldn’t make my eyes move across the page. And […]


Bible Boot Camp Week 3

So I’m late with this post. Which should tell you something. I spent the weekend in Toronto with my husband (yay!) taking a course (yay!) and getting another cold (boo!). I actually finished my reading early. I took the opportunity to do some really focused reading on the train. It felt so good to go […]


Bible Boot Camp Week 2

Wow – what a week. I was on a bit of a high after the first (short) week and figured I had the hang of this Bible Boot Camp thing. Then real life hit. I had to work late one night. No reading got done. Then I got sick. No reading got done. Then I […]


Bible Boot Camp Week 1

I had been going to blog every day during this Bible Boot Camp – but it’s proving impossible. Each day there is so much to read and I am covering so much ground that it is next to impossible to think, reflect, and write on it that day, too. So far we have read all […]