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As the end of summer nears…

It’s been unseasonably cool in Ontario these last few days. Despite being the middle of August, October is in the air. It’s made me think about back to school, turning leaves, and cold, crisp mornings – and the summer that is almost over. In speaking with a friend the other night we were lamenting about […]


Letting Our Light Shine

Based on the following Scripture Luke 11:33-36 I was asked a few years ago to lead a teen youth group. There were a group of about five teens who had been regular churchgoers with their families their whole lives. The church was encouraged that they continued to attend, but wanted to make something that was […]

(almost) Part of the 94%

Originally posted January 28, 2013 I’m a Twitter addict. I know this. But it’s great – I get to eavesdrop (legitimately) on all kinds of preacherly conversations. One going on right now is at a Synod conference in the United States. (#3synod13 for those interested). I just learned from @Rev_David’s tweet that only 6% of […]