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Child praying

Where have all the children gone?

When I get ready for pulpit supply at a church one of the first things I ask for is their bulletin or order of service so I can start to plan. I love it when it comes along with an email that says, “Don’t worry about the children’s story, we have someone who does that.” […]

Naughty or Nice?

Originally posted December 10, 2012 It’s Christmas – and even for most Christians, it has become a secular celebration as well. Any quick internet search will show you that many of our “Christmas” traditions like trees and feasts come down to us from other traditions. Gift-giving has only the slenderest thread of connection to the […]

Are we giving our children the best?

Originally posted May 3, 2010 Today I got to go to the Presbyterian Church in Canada head office for the first (but probably not last) time. I was there to be interviewed by the Education and Reception Committee. They will decide whether or not I can be processed as a General Assembly student as I […]

Spiritual Cheerleaders

Originally posted August 11, 2011 Through accident, rather than design, I found myself a soccer mom this summer. Not a casual, house league, once-a-week soccer mom, but a serious, rep team soccer mom. Mom of the goalie (which, I think has to be the most stressful parent position!) on a team with no back-up goalie. […]

Is Sunday Morning Service Sacred?

Originally posted October 14, 2012 I was driving my 11 year old son, Isaac to swimming lessons this week. On the way I remarked, “If you pass this level you’ll be in Aqua Leader Corps with Samantha.” (Samantha is his 15 year old step-sister.) “Oh no!” he said, “Does that mean I have to go […]


Mother’s Day Prayer

I was asked to share a prayer with the congregation of Bridge Street United Church for Mother’s Day / Christian Family Sunday. Here it is: Mothering and Fathering God of All, We bring before you all of our families And the hurting, hard feelings and heartaches that come with them Relationships strained so tight and […]