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Bible Boot Camp – Finally Finished!

I’m done! There were times during this process when I wasn’t sure I could make it. (That Proverbs is a killer, for sure.) But I did make it and I even finished early. I finished up the last of the epistles and Revelation last night, knowing that our after-work plans tonight would not allow for […]

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Well, THAT Didn’t Take Long…

Synchronicity and coincidence are a wonderful thing. Since posting late Friday night, I have been involved in two exchanges on Facebook – One, on another person’s page, was a civil discourse about everyone’s right to believe what they want, and how the some parts of the Atheism community have become just as fundamentalist about their […]

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As the end of summer nears…

It’s been unseasonably cool in Ontario these last few days. Despite being the middle of August, October is in the air. It’s made me think about back to school, turning leaves, and cold, crisp mornings – and the summer that is almost over. In speaking with a friend the other night we were lamenting about […]


How Can We Be “Born Again”?

Based on the following scripture: John 3:1-17   Today’s gospel reading is refreshing – sometimes when we hear what Jesus had to say it’s confusing. He speaks in parables and metaphors – sometimes his disciples don’t even understand what he’s trying to say. But in today’s passage, what we are to do is crystal clear. […]