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Bible Boot Camp: Lent 2015

Drop and give me 30! 30 chapters of the Bible that is.  Every day.  Except Sunday.  During Lent. Lent is fast approaching.  It’s just over two weeks away.  Much is often made about giving something up for Lent.  There is the ever popular social media fast that I’ve seen over the last few years.  And […]


Plato vs. Aristotle – Round 1

The other day I was wandering through Chapters in the “bargain” section, and noticed that a ton of new “classics” have been added. I assume that, with school just around the corner, there will be a growing demand for Plato and Aristotle and Nietzche and Mary Shelly – hence the additions. I was contemplating picking […]

Child praying

Where have all the children gone?

When I get ready for pulpit supply at a church one of the first things I ask for is their bulletin or order of service so I can start to plan. I love it when it comes along with an email that says, “Don’t worry about the children’s story, we have someone who does that.” […]


Letting Our Light Shine

Based on the following Scripture Luke 11:33-36 I was asked a few years ago to lead a teen youth group. There were a group of about five teens who had been regular churchgoers with their families their whole lives. The church was encouraged that they continued to attend, but wanted to make something that was […]

(almost) Part of the 94%

Originally posted January 28, 2013 I’m a Twitter addict. I know this. But it’s great – I get to eavesdrop (legitimately) on all kinds of preacherly conversations. One going on right now is at a Synod conference in the United States. (#3synod13 for those interested). I just learned from @Rev_David’s tweet that only 6% of […]

Naughty or Nice?

Originally posted December 10, 2012 It’s Christmas – and even for most Christians, it has become a secular celebration as well. Any quick internet search will show you that many of our “Christmas” traditions like trees and feasts come down to us from other traditions. Gift-giving has only the slenderest thread of connection to the […]

From Exile to Apostle

Originally posted November 10, 2012 I can’t possibly be an apostle. I checked the dictionary. It is a word that cannot describe me. I was not chosen by Jesus some 2,000 years ago to be one of the “Twelve”. Not any one of the lists includes a Jennifer – or even a woman. I am […]

Spiritual Cheerleaders

Originally posted August 11, 2011 Through accident, rather than design, I found myself a soccer mom this summer. Not a casual, house league, once-a-week soccer mom, but a serious, rep team soccer mom. Mom of the goalie (which, I think has to be the most stressful parent position!) on a team with no back-up goalie. […]