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Support Your Supply Preacher: The Bible

I was walking down the hall at work this week when someone called out, “There’s Jen, ask her, she’ll know!”  I turned into the office where the voice came from and asked, “Jen will know what?”  I expected a question about my day job, but it was about the Bible.  My co-worker asked, “Does every […]


Support Your Supply Preacher: The Bulletin

The bulletin, order of service, program – whatever you choose to call it – this document that outlines the service may be the only tangible piece of information a supply preacher gets about your church.  I’m not sure how the pulpit supply grapevine works but I often get an email or phone call from someone […]

Child praying

Where have all the children gone?

When I get ready for pulpit supply at a church one of the first things I ask for is their bulletin or order of service so I can start to plan. I love it when it comes along with an email that says, “Don’t worry about the children’s story, we have someone who does that.” […]


Letting Our Light Shine

Based on the following Scripture Luke 11:33-36 I was asked a few years ago to lead a teen youth group. There were a group of about five teens who had been regular churchgoers with their families their whole lives. The church was encouraged that they continued to attend, but wanted to make something that was […]

Are we giving our children the best?

Originally posted May 3, 2010 Today I got to go to the Presbyterian Church in Canada head office for the first (but probably not last) time. I was there to be interviewed by the Education and Reception Committee. They will decide whether or not I can be processed as a General Assembly student as I […]