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As the end of summer nears…

It’s been unseasonably cool in Ontario these last few days. Despite being the middle of August, October is in the air. It’s made me think about back to school, turning leaves, and cold, crisp mornings – and the summer that is almost over. In speaking with a friend the other night we were lamenting about […]

Child praying

Where have all the children gone?

When I get ready for pulpit supply at a church one of the first things I ask for is their bulletin or order of service so I can start to plan. I love it when it comes along with an email that says, “Don’t worry about the children’s story, we have someone who does that.” […]

Perennial Cornflower

In the weeds

Based on Matthew 13:24-30 I’m not a gardener. I garden more by chance than design. I don’t really know that much about plants and so every spring is a watch and wait adventure in our garden. I have no idea what the sprouts of each type of plant look like and so as all the […]


Letting Our Light Shine

Based on the following Scripture Luke 11:33-36 I was asked a few years ago to lead a teen youth group. There were a group of about five teens who had been regular churchgoers with their families their whole lives. The church was encouraged that they continued to attend, but wanted to make something that was […]

Naughty or Nice?

Originally posted December 10, 2012 It’s Christmas – and even for most Christians, it has become a secular celebration as well. Any quick internet search will show you that many of our “Christmas” traditions like trees and feasts come down to us from other traditions. Gift-giving has only the slenderest thread of connection to the […]

Should vs. Sabbath

Originally posted November 24, 2010 Resolutions are great, aren’t they? Especially when they are shiny and new and the possibility of success seems close at hand. Prime example is this blog. I resolved that I would spend some of the time I would have spent on my studies on this blog this year. Started out […]