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Offering Prayer 1

Loving and merciful God, We have transformed our energy and hard work into this offering that we make before you today.  We ask that you transform this money into good works that will bring light to a dark world, and will help reveal your kingdom to our community and our world. Amen. Copyright 2013, Jennifer […]

Spiritual Cheerleaders

Originally posted August 11, 2011 Through accident, rather than design, I found myself a soccer mom this summer. Not a casual, house league, once-a-week soccer mom, but a serious, rep team soccer mom. Mom of the goalie (which, I think has to be the most stressful parent position!) on a team with no back-up goalie. […]


Mother’s Day Prayer

I was asked to share a prayer with the congregation of Bridge Street United Church for Mother’s Day / Christian Family Sunday. Here it is: Mothering and Fathering God of All, We bring before you all of our families And the hurting, hard feelings and heartaches that come with them Relationships strained so tight and […]